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Proudly serving Las Vegas for more than 25 years.

What Our Customers Say

browsers "These guys are amazing. They're honest, they're reasonable, and they don't try to sell you stuff you don't need. I got an estimate from a local Ford dealership for 2 motor mounts for $1300!!! Milford did both mounts, fixed my EGR valve, replaced a turn signal and water pump for $750! THE BEST!"

"Wonderful place to take your car. Very trustworthy mechanics/owner. They even charge half hours for service in lots of cases rather than charging the hour rate for not much work. The only complaint is because they are so wonderful and honest, they tend to have many customers, sometimes resulting in repairs lasting a few days."

Pumped Reviews

jquery-blue Our work is as important to us as it is to you, which is why we are proud to have our customers say great things about our work like:

Google Overall Rating: Excellent 4.5/5 Stars

"My wife took the car in for repairs after my car ate a timing belt. They fixed it for a good price and didn't...upsell. I wish more businesses were like this. Definitely my new mechanic."

Estimates & Explanations

colors Our work is as important to us as it is to you, its why we have been doing it for 25 years. Know that you will always get an estimate on any work and whatever the question we are happy to answer it.

"I have gone to Milford for years and recomended it to a dozen friends. One was a front desk agent who was told she needed a top end engine rebuild on her ancient car. Mark offered to make the repair but instead explained the problem and a simple fix for the solenoid when it got wet if she was willing to do it. She was, and Mark saved her $2,000 on a repair everybody else recomended."